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The following chart compares and contrasts the various printers:

The following chart compares and contrasts the various heads:



2022 (8)

Table of Video Links, 2021
Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
CoPUoa5knws.png Replacing big tree board on Z motor on Hydra 21. H21 Maintenance
ZcsDLxkzio8.png How to prepare powdered material for use in Hyrel 3D's heated syringe heads. All Bio
NQn0MgFGswE.png How to level the build platform on the new Hyrel 3D Hydra 21 printer. H21 Maintenance
R5NerkHj1aY.png How to measure the scale of biological scaffold prints. All Bio
KPSnNNQ3Mao.png How to melt and print with PCL pellets with the Hyrel KR2 head. All Bio
0uU5M8bwkDU.png How to remove PCL scaffolds from PVC build surface. All Bio
FTPT0TiFSJw.png 九头蛇21开箱说明 H21 All
FB4Sy0HFy8.png Cirles, Arcs, Spirals, and Helixes: Hyrel's G2 and G3 gcode generation tool All All

2021 (44)

Table of Video Links, 2020
Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
Ah UguF8cNg.png 支架:调节流量值(P/uL) All All
CT-4Sk2DBMw.png 支架:调整最终缩回 All All
MbLeyEoBXek.png Scaffold Gradient: Speed and Z position Instructions All All
AcVa5mrdjFQ.png 脚手架坡度:速度指示 All All
VBAFH6J5-to.png Scaffold Perimeters Tool All All
HT0i3EP4HBM.png 在Repetrel中自定义可视化 All All
Be-4iCfWM8s.png Biogel Scaffold Speed Test All All
CEW RQqCDPM.png Programming BigTree Drivers for Hyrel Printers All Flashing
P0G0uKOokJ8.png 使用USB摄像头与Repetrel All Camera
GjIXmTDOg5E.png Heated Nozzle Accessory All Reservoirs
Onnl10Ea1tQ.png Repetrel中的脚手架选项 All All
QnvzDbYEFfA.png Cleaning the Hyrel 3D DMH-2 Dynamic Mixing Head All Reservoir
3KLIdStlvwU.png 校准头部偏移为Hyrel 3D All All
BZBItYywCjM.png Hyrel 3D“回程”支架选项 All Zebra Prints
TKa3gzb18qk.png Hyrel 3D粘度测试清理 All Reservoir
S CGzgx0NMM.png Hyrel 3D's Coaxial Extrusion Head with Nozzle Heater All Reservoir
P28Y7NNT3DQ.png Configuring "Zebra" prints in Repetrel on Hyrel 3D Printers All Zebra Prints
DX1fBX51XNI.png 在Repetrel中设计支架 All Scaffolds
St6nehNLTdc.png Resolving a stuck plunger in a Hyrel 3D reservoir head All Reservoir
AtQuLaYVGzA.png Hyrel 3D Announces Polar Printing for Extreme Environments! Polar All
ADqB1DjM9Ug.png 消除水凝胶中的气泡 All Reservoir
MbyRncFmpyg.png Cleaning Hyrel 3D's DMH-2 Dynamic Mixing Head All DMH-2
JvenAK33OmI.png 如何回显gcode命令到显示器 All Usage
Hd4iq3HR9c8.png 去除PCL打印更快更容易 All PCL
Hcxd5uonkxE.png Overview of the Hyrel 3D "Quiet Storm" Additional Cooling Fan All Quiet Storm
V5cKuYY1PAw.png Preparation and Setup for Printing PCL (polycaprolactone) All PCL
7ozTI eiFqk.png Choosing and Specifying Parameters for Rectangular Infill Scaffolds All Scaffolds
Dfm8RYyzmas.png Choosing and Specifying Parameters for Gyroid Infill PCL Scaffolds All Scaffolds
ASy9HIwz04Q.png Showing the Effects of Cooling while Printing All Cooling
A4bXqRb5-q8.png 如何在Repetrel中管理配件手册 All Usage
EXMxgF-Yf1o.png 保存,命名和重用脚手架 All Scaffolds
3H-gJNUDncA.png How to work with our Heated Nozzle Accessory All Heated Nozzles
DXjh36CcRAw.png Using Filters to refine SurferBuddy search results All SurferBuddy
JQCcelqLoQE.png How to Export SurferBuddy Files to External Drive 1 All SurferBuddy
EqoyARWTTLo.png 使用参数配置文件在Repetrel All Parameter Profiles
NbfntNBKSIg.png 如何从Repetrel导出GCODE All Usage
5lYDLhbnQxE.png Using offsets to repeat a job in different locations All Offsets
3tRDj7y54SU.png Custom screeding attachment for the Hyrel Hydra 16A Calibration
JljdH1V4ips.png Hyrel喷嘴加热器用于储水头 All Reservoir
Qqh2Y0Wg9HA.png Unboxing the Hyrel EHR for electro-spinning or melt-electro-writing (MEW) EHR Setup
Calibrate.png 在电子病历上校准行程 EHR Calibration
Unpack.png 打开和设置电子病历 EHR Setup
VjZlZkBt130.png 如何检查您的CO2激光是否工作 Hydra Lasers
SDqVHXZxrBI.png 用450nm激光二极管蚀刻铝 any Lasers
9BKE469eL0M.png 冷热真空床(HCVB) EHR, 16A Reservoir

2020 (30)

Table of Video Links, 2020
Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
NW-O76oAlu4.png Hyrel Hydra电气面板,解释 16A Overview
SF7UoogD-mg.png 从相机图像制作dxf All Lasers 维世科Vipro HEAD-3在Hyrel上 All Viscotec
LajxuYqTw6o.png Explaining the NEW RSD-30 All Reservoirs
IbdUwZyZm3I.png 用CAD模型制作dxf All Lasers
1Rtktf-HeTU.png 4 /5轴安装和设置 16A All
H8XnGKBEJCc.png 三相主轴刀具安装与安装 16A Spindles
JW1-uhvZ5wM.png 夹紧/夹紧阀的安装和设置 All Reservoirs
X7J4pTeSq8A.png Dynamic Mixing Head (DMH) Installation and Setup All Reservoirs
Dlta7KSt3bE.png EHR Electronics Access EHR Overview
H0pAYAraO0Q.png ESR Unboxing and Setup ESR Setup
DgfeoLZNW6c.png RSD-30冷冻注射器分配器 All Reservoirs
ILEvP8p JGo.png Printing on PEI All Filaments
7lwJvyBso1k.png 印刷水泥材料在TN技术 All Reservoirs
PX9KFUrSPVk.png 拧紧Hydra x轴紧定螺钉 16A Maintenance
MOexKcvpcEY.png Interview on GA Mfg News All All
R7UimNDjNiY.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 9: Licensing All All
0CMH61RtSjk.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 8: Recipes All All
N1HZOvWKqs8.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 7: Settings All All
9qbUzZM3vtg.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 6`: Firmware All All
-JN 0iLTOk4.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 5: Drivers All All
2BVzTR7ij5Y.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 4: Repetrel All All
-Dp-4 NdYm8.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 3: Adobe Reader All All
VH3Fv6jkA54.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 2: Ecosystem Apps All All
OpM-RcDuM5c.png Hyrel V4 Install No. 1: Winrar All All
MdNsQnHy4dQ.png Hydra 16AT - Tall 16A All
Zh-x9ugJ5nE.png Hyrel Bulk Feeder for Cementitious Materials 16A Reservoirs
RW7h9z5DW5A.png Using the new Precision Tool Setter on a Hyrel 3D Printer 16A All
E7tQN 63hcc.png How to Dial In the Prime and Unprime Settings All All
TlnVUBryBg0.png 在Hyrel Hydra上安装第二个轭架 16A All

2019 (21)

Table of Video Links, 2019
Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
S3qw8dAWeNo.png RSD-30 -冷冻注射器分配器 All Reservoirs
RAkjF9nLy4M.png Heated & Chilled Vacuum Bed 16A, EHR Reservoirs
Gl3mbw88fmo.png 第四轴乐趣-线性和旋转印刷 16A All
VVhH8hc3olc.png CO2激光器-安装说明 16A Lasers
SVC5W DdQ9E.png Dynamic Mixing Head DMH All Reservoirs
4oqPbfdD8O0.png Configuring Prusa Slicer for Multi-Material Support All Filaments
DDwGcDgOOQs.png Configuring the Prusa Slicer for Breakaway Support Material All Filaments
CW77WBv3x0Q.png How to Load Filament into a Hyrel 3D Print Head All Filaments
EMfkmXFuPd0.png Loading Print Heads into your Hyrel 3D Printer All All
XC1zLqYkKsc.png 如何校准z - 0位置 16A, 30M, ESR All
0Apq3tlila8.png 修订2019:Hyrel 30M初始设置 30M All
0MFtqhM6ZKM.png 如何选择一个构建面 All Filaments
-4LuhNfbMAo.png 如何电车(水平)九头蛇床 16A All
C5-NYk06NVc.png 激光打标在圆筒上 All Lasers
PjqDXXPjI4w.png Five Axis Machining in Brass on a Hyrel Hydra 16A Spindle
KmkGR7u5D58.png Configuring your Hydra for a 3-phase Spindle Tool 16A Spindle
B0lvN-aPYHI.png 五轴加工的Hydra Hydra
(this gcode was used)
16A Spindle
CmBaHHAfbEo.png 分配RTV硅胶在Hyrel Hydra All Reservoirs
G526vFi8yWI.png 在Hyrel Hydra上加工聚四氟乙烯(Teflon) 16A Spindle
LfmssRdZwuE.jpg Rotating Head Prototype 16A Filaments
YhoMTLGVAbc.png Re-aligning the Gantry on the Hyrel Hydra 16A 16A All

2018 (12)

Table of Video Links, 2018
Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
CbxB96oZFGE.jpg Installing the new laser Power Supply in a Hyrel Hydra 16A All
KrwOviaCZuw.jpg Hyrel Tapping Enabled 16A Spindle
QuIM9XSYMxE.jpg Light Duty Milling with 3-Phase Spindle on a Hyrel Hydra 16A Spindle
Ni56OFo1VvM.jpg Improved UV Light Source for more Powerful Crosslinking All Reservoirs
68oktmbp8r0.png How to install 4th and 5th Axes on a Hyrel Hydra 16A All
7DcqbBzs-ZQ.png How to use an additional Yoke on a Hyrel Hydra 16A All
VerQRjS3iWE.png How to install an additional Yoke on a Hyrel Hydra 16A All
JSTmzuuMYvc.png The Filament Dryer All Filaments
LNURH2fRbY0.jpg 四轴和五轴的演示在一个Hyrel Hydra 16A All
9R6OUMvb.jpg 在Hydra上安装第四轴 16A All
2QqwfsKgzuQ.jpg 加工温床小于0.001" 16A All
O1xmXCdj1xE.png 设置EHR的z偏移量 EHR All

2017 (45)

Table of Video Links, 2017
Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
KqnjlTSg-20.jpg 二氧化碳激光标记与九头蛇 16A Lasers
FnYDoNkgOrI.jpg 把九头蛇从打印机转换成激光 16A Lasers
FHqTlcdISIg.jpg Cutting Nylon Mesh with CO2 Laser on a Hydra 16A Lasers
NTejDT1B6uQ.jpg 冷室的室温 16A Filaments
4Y9V6RWhKj4.jpg 用CO2激光切割丙烯酸 16A Lasers
DkMtzPDtIQY.jpg 微型加热冷冻床预览 EHR Reservoirs
GdvyT8HoaOw.jpg Fourth Axis Rotary Print 16A Filaments
3nKqwcXcEgY.png Additive Manufacturing of Toroid Inductor for Electronics Applications 30M, ESR Reservoirs
Az7V1FSRJfs.jpg Hyrel Hydra X and Y Belt Tension Adjustments 16A Maintenance
SyMB5063J5E.jpg Hyrel Hydra线性轴承调整 16A Maintenance
ZEsnegXhpLw.jpg Hyrel Hydra Z带张力调整 16A Maintenance
WNr59eCGuK4.png Changing the Address Resistor on the CO2 Laser 16A Maintenance
QBBxkx40H8s.png CO2 Laser Alignment 16A Calibration
YiizFlScq9Q.png Hydra Yoke Adjustment 16A Maintenance
CbiCnP YEbA.png 九头蛇轭角度调整 16A Maintenance
XMsXzGPHjng.png 工程师,高分辨率(EHR)设置,第二部分 EHR Setup
NbWgw9KY6Ic.png 工程师,高分辨率(EHR)设置,第1部分 EHR Setup
UC7acwIkKmQ.png EHR Scaffold Instructions EHR Setup
B1x2dvdYkTE.png EHR Scaffold Intro EHR Setup
OisWKujfXAI.png 疏通罕见堵塞的MK1-250 All Filaments
6FQJuhd2Lxo.png 疏通一辆罕见堵塞的MK1-450 All Filaments
WrImt7 Pnxo.png Flashing Firmware on the Modified CO2 Laser Controller 16A Maintenance
1J5bqvcV3Rs.png The Hyrel Hydra Family 16A All
CF7eRdFuZYQ.png 高分辨率发动机真空床 EHR Reservoirs
EltjeQ6KerM.png 高分辨率引擎设置 EHR Setup
SvX4gKqAQDI.png SDS克伦奇阀门安装说明 All Reservoirs
Mz5J8jsb6D4.png 如何加载SDS锁紧阀 All Reservoirs
JwKq8 tahYA.png EHR Accuracy Test EHR Calibration
Udbu Zuh8k0.png Hydra 16A控制概述 16A All
CClPqIJwhLs.png Using Low Temperature Solder Paste to connect a Flat Flex Cable 30M, ESR Assembly
GCzPw4FOG8c.png 在海瑞尔水螅上排放激光冷却剂 16A Lasers
PPtGSwyS140.png Hydra家用校准详细信息 16A Calibration
LLIWqTRBhTo.png Replacing the top component on an SDS Head Assembly 16A Setup
QxbtI034omk.png HYDRA Hot Bed Installation 16A Setup
FuLCsqfAX3E.png Hydra Model Startup All Reservoirs
LhnV9H7LV9g.png 打开Hydra地板模型单元 16A Setup
ULpn18OqD-U.png 九头蛇概述CTO Karl Gifford 16A All
QEfskyU7LJ4.png How to Manage the Pick-and-Place with Repetrel Software 16A Pick-and-Place
Jz3onGdmW1c.png Hyrel Hydra Versitility 16A All
PKkrd4R 54Y.png Hydra乙烯基切割机概述 16A Cutting
HaKWeCbXkMI.png Hyrel 3D Hydra拾取和放置介绍 16A Pick-and-Place
UACoqtNbXE0.png The Hyrel3D Hydra Line 16A All
KAoSS-Z-aeY.png 在16A的床上移动 16A Maintenance
TibkVZB n9c.png The Benefits of Microscope Inspection During Printing All Microscopes
AR4d-2BZj Y.png Printing PLGA for internal Biological Applications All Reservoirs

2016 (60)

Table of Video Links, 2016
Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
Z4IGQ5JMP6g.png 可变宽度导电膏挤出 Any Reservoirs
2f5FEhVsqy8.png 显微镜打印视图设置 Any Microscope
D2sWEYRVAII.png Replacing the LED Strip 30M Maintenance
14ynZ3DHzVg.png 更换前开关面板 30M Maintenance
DQj6oLfrbLo.png 静态混合头(SMH)解释 - v2 Including SDS Heads Any Reservoirs
VJXnB-8JII.png Hot Bed Manufacturing Hydra Manufacturing
3azICOBuHdk.png 静态混合头(SMH)解释 Any Reservoirs
6qJ-2uFt- Y.png Timelapse Recording Any Recording
ROpcvqS r8s.png HotHead LEDs Explained Any Any
Tz6mRSkOaSk.png LA6-450和LA5-808激光概述 Any Lasers
H95IurET7UM.png SDS and CSD Overview Any Reservoirs
4B9hoMLNOuQ.png 安静风暴冷却风扇概述 Any Filaments
9 onCKhT dg.png VOL-25 and VCD-25 Overview Any Reservoirs
QD2FrZ4kg1g.png KRA-15 and KCD-15 Overview Any Reservoirs
Rc2UFwjUtc4.png Hydra 640 (16A)两部分测试打印 Hydra Filaments
Ql1NZLWVJQM.png Extrusion Prototype Print Any Filaments
KtK256u0sN8.png EMO-25 and COD-25 Overview Any Reservoirs
Vn8jnvwh5to.png Session 3C Slicing for Multiple Head Support Any Slicing
P1Ihd4ETxhg.png 会话3A -设置两个头像到z - 0 Any Setup
FCuSvQm6ej4.png Session 3B - Calibrating the Offset Between Two Heads Any Setup
DkQpsJWRI4Y.png 2D -编辑Slic3r食谱 Any Slicing
KJc9sNlV0fA.png Session 2E - Slicing your STL and Viewing your GCODE Any Slicing
IQbgGwiGVZA.png Session 2C - Positioning, Scaling, and Rotating your STL Any Slicing
MVyCq7CPGLg.png 会话1A -硬件和软件概述 Any Overview
2tIHw JIQAI.png Session 1B - Communications and Bed Leveling 30M, ESR Setup
LFATCfKJf4I.png 会议1C -橡皮泥印刷 Any Reservoirs
2yHRuef29L4.png 2A: FreeCAD中的简单CAD建模 Any Software
RlJqdhtpB6Q.png 电脑连接到打印机 Any Setup
C88ni0huwhw.png Using the Spindle Tool to rework Circuit Boards Any Spindle
KIGeQmXNbNE.png Running a FADAL CNC on Hyrel3D Circuitry, Firmware and Software n/a Manufacturing
ImMo3V1D70w.png 表臂(x臂)块调整 30M, ESR Maintenance
YaCYFmoIESk.png MK1-250 Overview Any Filaments
UvZMecXsHEM.png MK1-450 Overview Any Filaments
SOGKeU3vLbs.png MK2-250 Overview Any Filaments
FkJT3ILlAHw.png 更换30M/ESR加热搭建平台 30M, ESR Maintenance
3KwJ6OgOx14.png 多头打印-嵌套的stl Any Software
4GYWfMrs0F8.png X-Axis Belt Tightening 30M, ESR Maintenance
IkgviAGep-c.png Y-Axis Belt Tightening 30M, ESR Maintenance
LQy25Nlj3 Q.png Plasma Magnetic Vortex Deposition (ElectroSpinning) EHR Electro (Melt) Spinning
LQb5vS97jFo.png Hydra系列的3D铣削 Hydra Spindle
81sVBZOOcbw.png Introducing the Hydra 640 (formerly Model 16A) Hydra Overview
UPqr4S0WC3Q.png USBB Jumper Instructions Any Setup
Rw2E d-q9bQ.png Size Does Matter Hydra Overview
XGriCCrfkuw.png Print Heads Overview Any All
QMyuKdgiWI4.png Session 2F - Loading and Printing with Filaments, MK-Series Heads Any Filaments
YsO8oAzFwC4.png MK1-250 PEEK喷嘴总成 Any Filaments
BoHRC9m5nlQ.png 新九头蛇打印机线介绍 Hydra Overview
XREWb Md5o0.png Bioplotting for under $10K EHR Introduction
9zxxBYbdlOE.png Programming Head Offsets Any Setup
NfIvS50zLyc.png 双材料打印切片 Any Slicing
0dS3bC0BnRQ.png Loading Filament and Printing with the Hyrel3D MK2-250 Any Filaments
V2ifSlZ0qEw.png Loading Filament and Printing with the Hyrel3D MK1-250 Any Filaments
Q-DbAbNMW48.png Loading and Printing with the EMO-25 Print Head Any Reservoirs
Ej55bZXrltA.png SDS RTV Instructions, v2 Any Reservoirs
MwrhV74NjCQ.png Hyrel Possibilities简介- 2016年1月 All Overview
V zCytnGvvo.png MK2-250双驱动柔性长丝 Any Filaments
O1IGa-8y9yQ.png 6w, 450nm Laser Test Any Lasers
0JJp7HeK35M.png SDS RTV Instructions, v1 Any Reservoirs
XKHa1CXnSdI.png 介绍SDS打印头 Any SDS
BlSGlOpyipI.png 先睹为:拾取和放置原型 Hydra Pick-and-Place

2012-2015 (42)

Video Link Subject Printer Model Head / Activity
OceUiuTixPA.png LA6-450: 6w, 450nm二极管激光头 Any Lasers
Vmw0LS f9V0E.png 3D Printing RTV Silicone Any Reservoirs
YWe3TQGgNW0.png Loading the VCD-25 Any Reservoirs
HuJuexTLbYA.png Short Porcelain Print Demo Any Reservoirs
B583I7AlGJI.png 更换平板电脑接口板 30M Maintenance
ZKAzXoJ0q8Y.png 2016 Design Contest Video N/A Contest
YRsyEGHyt3k.png DXF激光Gcode生成 Any Setup
Om9cjxMXuxY.png Printing PEEK (PolyEther Ether Ketone) and PC (PolyCarbonate) Any Filaments
IreaoCfQ8mE.png Healing with MeshLab Any Setup
0Aj9WCabPgw.png 后处理与热风枪 Any Postprocessing
4oxCqR DVNQ.png Introduction to Hyrel 3D Possibilities, 2015 All All
N4QwiuQtjO0.png Updating to Repetrel 2 4xx Any Software
CFAFRkpLmww.png 更新你的407运动控制器 All Software
XKCEkKSolZc.png 更换HOTHEAD控制器 Any Any
YM8QMZBTb4o.png Programming the HOTBED controller on the System 30M and ESR 30M, ESR Software
CuRcIE-Jbyc.jpg Printing with Cloning - three heads in Parallel Any Any
VMyS3h4qiSA.jpg Older Instructions, Slicing for Multiple Head Support printer head
0gFX6Mh-ths.png 调平系统30米的x臂,发动机SR 30M, ESR Maintenance
LZd0ecogGlQ.png Correcting Y-Arm Flexation Fix on the System 30M, Engine SR 30M, ESR Maintenance
ArDX4UpflmE.png 手动设置z - 0位置 Any Setup
Vc9gBZtUL7c.png 为您挑选合适的3D打印机 All All
66S9XJ-KeU8.png Changing the Main I/O Board, System 30M, ESR 30M, ESR Maintenance
YEePz8 0ttc.png Laser Test Print Any Lasers
TLHpaePTP-k.png EMO Series Printing Tips Any Reservoirs
Zl1sqy6PWx8.jpg 更换30M和ESR电源 30M, ESR Maintenance
IQscrgv6uaQ.png 多头校准指南 Any Setup
0lpa4nENtyQ.png LA5-808“鲨鱼V”半导体激光器 Any Lasers
MPYPWjnDGho.png Luer Tip Kit for EMO and SDS Series Print Heads Any Reservoirs
-VHxf182fIs.png Print Head SDK Any New!
Fg9omXlYR-Q.png MK Series Printing Tips Any Filaments
EosKDe-SyUI.png 更换轭架上的保险丝(旧的) Any Maintenance
4yuzpUqeE-Y.png 向emo型水塘加注水 Any Reservoirs
XQFacnpzmv0.png 改变3D打印的经济 Any Any
C9HvQ3SepoM.png System 30M Product Release 30M Introduction
P6aMBQSZPgg.png 多个零件同时3D打印 Any Any
Nuii5rP53Js.png 3D Printing with Sugru The Amazing Self-Setting Rubber Any Reservoirs
DihvAQR7LQg.png 3D Printing with Play-Doh Any Reservoirs
Cw8XiW46G0k.png 3D打印与橡皮泥 Any Reservoirs
Trdz4YDbdsw.png 3D打印与空气干燥建模粘土 Any Reservoirs
XNwv7Dw Zwg.png 可互换的插拔头 Any Any
Mu9xMmkZFns.png Thank you, Kickstarters! Any Any
Z9rgkw5r4l4.png 快速参观365现金买球的主要商店! Any Any