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How do I adjust the settings?

This is pretty easy, once you know the flow.

  1. 您可以为参数设置配方(挤出宽度, infill patterns/density, print speed, layer thickness, head/bed temperatures, etc.; save the recipes (with descriptive names - don't overwrite the originals), and close the recipe editor.
  2. You highlight your properly scaled, positioned, rotated stl and select the print, printer, and extruder (filament) recipes to use, and go to Process > Slice with Slic3r.
  3. You review your gcode to ensure that you got what you were hoping to get; review the layer-by-layer rendering as well as the actual settings for temperature, 层厚度(Z移动和M756流量设置), etc.
  4. You load the print head. 头部的默认设置显示在Repetrel中.
  5. 你要确保打印头上的数据反映了你的预热温度(如果有的话)和合适的喷嘴直径(如果你的定制材料需要调整的话,以及底色/底色设置)-这些设置应该显示在打印头上.
  6. 你做任何准备(预热,床上治疗,底漆等).
  7. You press Print. Upon pressing print, the following happens:
    1. 头的设置从repetrel发送到打印机.
    2. Gcode is sent from repetrel to the printer. Since gcode is sent second, 这将覆盖任何基于头的设置,如果gcode有不同的值

How do I run a different language?

YOU DON'T - IT WILL BREAK REPETREL! You can change the language of repetrel, 但是如果你用另一种语言操作电脑,你就会发现," and "." will be wrong and nothing will work. Trust me.

How do I change the home location?

You don't. X和Y的原点位置分别为X0和Y0,由传感器确定. But you can apply an offset. See G54-59 on the Gcode page.

注意,在EHR上有一个Z家庭传感器,它是在Z120. To set Z offsets on the EHR, see M660 on the Gcode page.

How do I change the park location?

注意,如果你为头4设置停车,那么头2将是70mm的距离. Each position is 35 *mm from the next. *在ESR/30M的第一和第二槽之间的70毫米.

1. 把你想要设置的头放到你想要设置的槽里.

2. Record the absolute X and Y positions:


3. Open Settings > Printer:


4. Enter the recorded X and Y values:


5. 点击“Flash Motion Settings”,然后点击“Apply”,然后点击“OK”:


How do I change the Baud Rate?

So, on (roughly) version 4.2.4x (aka 42.4x) or later, 你可以设置Repetrel和打印机使用115波特率,200 (versus the default 38,400) -但你必须在打印机和Repetrel中设置:

  • On the right side of the program , go to Interface > COM
  • 选择要更改为(115200)的速率
  • HOLD THE SHIFT KEY and click "Apply"

You should now be connected at the new rate.

How do I change or clean nozzles?


  1. 加热到印品加载的温度.
  2. Move the manual lever to the left, 收回材料,直到它脱离滚刀轴, then remove by hand.
  3. 关掉加热器,从支架上取下.
  4. 用1/4”的驱动器或扳手,拆卸喷嘴.
  5. Inspect the nozzle cavity for any stray material; if found, remove with tweezers, solvent, air pressure or other means.
  6. The old nozzle can be cleaned with a fine drill bit the same size as (or slightly smaller than) the nozzle diameter; some users also soak the nozzle in an appropriate solvent to remove all material.
  7. 用1/4“的驱动器或扳手,附加新的喷嘴.
  8. 使用正常程序加热和加载灯丝.

How do I change nozzle sizes?


1. 在头部,365现金买球使用您拥有的喷嘴直径的数字来进行流量计算. See Flow Rate 有关365现金买球如何确定旋转马达的速度,以获得适当的沉积体积每秒的详细信息. 此图像用于用14#(14号规,或1号规)打印.6mm ID) luer needle:

H N mat tab.png

2. In the recipe, 365现金买球使用挤压宽度数来确定放置每个材料珠的距离. 365现金买球期望您的挤出宽度比您的喷嘴直径宽10%(以允许一个漂亮的沙袋形截面). 此图像用于用14#(14号规,或1号规)打印.6mm ID) luer needle:

H N slicer.png


请注意,365现金买球没有使用任何与喷嘴直径相关的其他变量. Not Bridge Flow Ratio. Not Nozzle Diameter. Not Extrusion Multiplier. 所有这些变量都会影响代码中的E值. Which we then ignore.

How do I convert DXF files to gcode?

1. In Project Composer, open your DXF:

H D loaddxf.png

2. 在“切片机”选项卡上,双击“钻孔激光”旁边的文本框,选择配方:

H D dlrecipe.png

3. 在Prams选项卡上,配置头部和设置使用:

H D prams.png

4. Process > Process DXF, Text, Drill Objects:

H D process.png

5. Profit!

How do I hand-code a test pattern?

这并不像它看起来那么难——只要365现金买球开始了解打印机是如何操作的. 这个gcode比EHR其他打印机, 对于乳化剂打印,没有选择使用M229的E值.

1. 在开始之前,365现金买球总是想要明确地做一些事情,无论什么模型:

M107          ; fans/UV     ; off
M106 C255     ; fans/UV     ; use 0-255 range
G53           ; clear offsets
G21           ; units       ; mm
G90           ; coordinates ; absolute

2. 搬家之前,为了安全起见,365现金买球想放下床,然后把X/Y放回家:
Note: EHR users use different code here.

G91             ; coordinates   ; relative (因为365现金买球不想去Z10,而是离开当前位置的Z10)
G0 Z10          ; drop bed 10mm
G92             ; coordinates   ; absolute
G28 X0 Y0       ; home          ; X and Y

3. 接下来,365现金买球要处理任何温度设置. M104/140 just set the temps for head/bed; M109/M190 set AND WAIT for these temps:

M190 S80        ; bed temp      ; set and wait
M109 T12 S240   ; head temp     ; set and wait  ; second slot from left (TXX for tool VARIABLES)

4. 最后,365现金买球想要指定哪个头将进行打印:

T1              ; active head   ; second slot from left (TX for tool COMMANDS)

5. Now, let's code a move to the start point. G0是“快速”非工作(非印刷)移动:

G0 Z0.5         ; rapid move to put the head 0.5毫米以上的构建表面(假设你已经设置了z - 0)
G0 X50 Y25      ; rapid move to put the head/bed positioning at X 50, Y 25, our starting point for this line
G1 X50 Y175 E1  ; extrusion move to the end point - in this case, moving in the Y axis only
G1 X60 Y175     ; extrusion-speed move (without extrusion) to start of next line - No E value means no extrusion
G1 X60 Y25 E1   ; extrusion move to the next end-point

6. Easy enough, 所以现在让365现金买球加倍流量,并增加打印温度(和暂停,温度改变)为下一行:

M221 T12 S2     ; flow rate     ; multiplier x2 (S2)
M109 T12 S250   ; head temp     ; set and wait, second slot from left
G1 X70 Y25      ; extrusion-speed move (without extrusion) to start of next line
G1 X70 Y175 E1   ; extrusion move to the next end-point


How do I understand these v4 errors?

So, if your gcode is just for one head, which isn't specified, and you only have one head loaded, Repetrel始终会打印这个头部(你只需要首先确认警告).

Our newer recipes, available from Slicing,包括这些单头打印命令. 如果您已经进入多头打印,并需要帮助来指定此信息, please contact Davo for some instruction.

Missing Tx Argument

However, 不编码的工具将被使用在数控世界是不可接受的, 365现金买球希望人们习惯在工具任务中编码. 是的,它应该说Tx命令,而不是Tx参数.

As detailed at the very top of the Gcode Page, you should use a T# 命令,其中#是您将使用的工具的槽位 T0 for the left most slot, T1 for the second from the left, etc. Failure to do this will pop up this warning:


This is non-fatal; you can just hit enter or click "OK" and continue, 但365现金买球希望您指定要使用的工具.

Heads Not Installed



这意味着当你的文件被加载时,它会被扫描 Tx commands - but when you pressed print, 打印机上占用的工具位置与代码中的工具分配不匹配. 同样,这不是致命的,如果你知道你的设置是正确的,你可以按回车键或点击“是”. But, again, 365现金买球希望您知道,打印机上检测到的配置与gcode中指定的配置不匹配.

But It Matches!

所以,也许你已经得到了这些错误,然后编辑你的gcode文件来指定 T1,与你头部的位置相匹配. Well, 365现金买球不会第二次扫描gcode '除非你在gcode中单击右键并选择“刷新gcode”-这样做将消除在你编辑完赋值后得到的消息:


How do I know which T parameter to use?

Awesome question. 365现金买球知道它可能会令人困惑,这就是为什么365现金买球用了很多页来解释它!

有关Repetrel版本4及更早的版本,请参阅 T v4.

For Repetrel version 5 and later, please see T v5, where we've simplified this!


With the new CANBUS-controlled motors, introduced in 2021, 结果365现金买球有太多的终止, 如果你用了多个头像,你就得去掉 R25 CANBUS终端电阻来自一个(或更好的是,所有)头. 这很简单——只要用热烙铁打它,它就会脱落. Click image for larger version.

103 remove r25.jpg

How do I get past the NAN error?

If you slice your STL and get "NAN" errors, these mean "Not A Number", 这意味着你的STL文件并不完全是多重的——软件无法确定, logically, “固体”和“空隙”空间的划分. 这通常是由于用于在屏幕上渲染事物的软件缺乏用于增材制造的模型的精度. 很多时候,这可以通过使用MeshLab(或其他程序)和修复模型来纠正——确保STL三角形网格的所有交点对齐, forming an "air tight" mesh. See for instructions.

How should I understand that E Value?


365现金买球的打印机上,如果你是v4并且你使用M229 E1 D1命令(解释在 Gcode page, click on Controlling Material Flow and then on M229), then this E number, 生成的切片机, 在每个G1移动过程中,有E值的材料挤压的体积是多少.

Also on our printers, if you are on v3 or earlier, 或者如果你是v4并且你没有指定M229 E1 D1, then we will use the presence of an E value simply to determine if this move should have material extruded or not; then we will calculate what rate to extrude at based on your nozzle diameter, layer thickness, and F value (movement speed in mm/min). This is explained on the Flow Rate page.

I personally recommend USING the M229 E1 D1 if you are printing with thermoplastics, 因为一些切片器会调整这个E值以使线条(或图层)更粗.

I personally recommend NOT USING the M229 E1 D1 if you are printing with liquids, gels, or clays, 因为这些形状很少有悬垂或桥梁.


您可以使用大多数流行的cad包创建stl文件, such as SolidWorks, AutoCad, Alibre, FreeCad, Google SketchUp, ProE, TurboCad, etc.

We bring the .将stl文件导入MeshLab中以修复文件(删除参考线,解析重复顶点等).).

Then we bring the healed .将stl文件转换为Slic3r来切片(将其转换为驱动打印机的g代码). 365现金买球将提供典型的Slic3r配方(温度、流速、移动速度、层厚等).) for filaments and extrudables.

然后365现金买球使用365现金买球非常定制的Repitier Host版本, 是什么驱动打印机使用来自Slic3r的g代码来创建你的部件.

Why does my motor grind on the filament?


Filament Grinding
Possible Cause Suggested Fix
tangled spool
kinked filament
kinked tubing.
make gentler angle
Nozzle too narrow for the demanded throughput.
Try extra torque head, or suggestions above.
Reestablish Z-zero positioning.
Buildup on drive shaft hobs (teeth). 使用真空或空气压力清洗滚刀,以获得最佳的灯丝啮合和驱动.

What Maintenance Should I Do?


你可以使用润滑脂或适当的液体油. You can buy the manufacturer's oil applicator, 但其他的机器油,如“缝纫机油”应该是好的.

Oil is definitely the simplest. 擦干净所有的碎片后,滴几滴在栏杆上.

清洁度(和低湿度环境)除外, 除非出现问题,否则不需要其他维护.


365现金买球通常用手做,但365现金买球也建议 SimplyCAD, which his free.

Why doesn't one tool position work?

如果你有一个(或多个)槽,其中没有头加热或提前材料, but these heads work on other slots, you've probably blown one fuse (or more). These are easy to replace:


  1. Power down.
  2. 拆下银色十字螺丝,这样就可以抬起上轭板并将其拉回, out of the way.
  3. 检查每个保险丝的一端到另一端的电阻(见蓝色箭头). 任何0欧姆的保险丝都很好,但更大的保险丝就会烧坏.

New Style


Yoke fuses new.png (click to enlarge)

These can be reordered from Digi-Key, or directly through us.

4a yoke fuse ss.png (click to enlarge)

Old Style


Yoke fuse old.png

These can be reordered from 4/507-1084-1-ND/615045 Digi-Key, or directly through us.

Old 4a yoke fuse ss.png (click to enlarge)

Replace the Fuse

Replace the old, 保险丝烧断与一个新的(你可以选择一个大保险丝, 但只有15安培最大发送到轭)通过简单地交换他们(新的)或使用一个焊接烙铁移除旧的和连接新的(旧的).

Power up and test!

What's that Clicking?

When you hear clicking from a filament head, and material isn't coming out properly, 这意味着头部不能像代码要求的那样快速推进材料. Possible causes and solutions:

Mechanical or Logical?

Question: 这是一个普遍的吞吐量问题,还是这个打印的特殊问题?

Investigation: 将头部置于床上方(在半空中),打印温度(ABS为240°C, PLA为210°C等).); attempt to manually advance material at 500 pulses/second (500 on the screen).

Answer 1: 如果这不起作用,那么您有一些机械问题—转到案例1:机械.

Answer 2: If this works, your head is functioning normally, 但365现金买球需要调整你的参数——转到案例2:符合逻辑.

Answer 3: 如果你不能把打印头的温度调到合适的温度, 365现金买球有一个供暖问题-转到案例3:供暖.

Case 1: Mechanical

Most Common Cause: Input Problems.

Most Common Solution: Find and remove cause of input restriction. Please ensure that there is smooth, low-friction delivery from the spool, through the pneumatic fitting on the chassis, through the PTFE tubing, through the pneumatic fitting on the head, and into the Feed Chamber on the head. 不应该有弯曲或扭结或尖锐的角度,不拖过尖锐的表面. 灯丝经过传动轴后应与聚四氟乙烯轴内部连接, 以滚刀(传动装置)为中心,由垫圈隔开的两个轴承压紧(但不太紧). 如果你已经拆卸和重新组装这个部分,确保这个轴承杆是不翻转.

Less Common Cause: Output Problems.

Less Common Solution: 找到并删除输出限制的原因. 虽然很少(365现金买球在发货前用每一个头和每一台打印机测试打印), 可能是一些外来物质进入了喷嘴的熔化室或熔化区. 请按照以上说明更换和清洗喷嘴,但请更换相同的喷嘴.

Case 2: Logical

Most Common Cause: 对于这种材料、层厚和/或打印速度的组合,温度过低.

Resolution: 使用更高的温度和/或更薄的层和/或更慢的打印速度.

Less Common Cause: 如果在第一层,可能z - 0是错误的和喷嘴太接近建立表面.

Resolution: Ensure bed is level; recalibrate Z-zero.

Case 3: Heating


Is the head set to the right temperature? Just look at the GUI to tell. 如果无法设置正确的温度,则说明某些设置错误. Please contact me, or 404-914-1748.

Does the head reach the right temperature? Again, check the GUI. 如果头部设置正确,但没有预热,365现金买球需要检查它是否得到12VDC. Please contact me, or 404-914-1748.

Does the head stay at the right temperature? Right, GUI again. If the head is set to temp, 但稍后会被设置为较低的温度(或关闭), I'll need to examine your settings and gcode. Please contact me, or 404-914-1748.


Reset按钮将清除并重新建立运动控制器(ESR上的STM407和30M之间的通信, or the STM429 on the EHR and Hydra). This doesn't necessarily happen with a reboot, so sometimes we want to be sure it happens; but it's not a panic button, 如果你不需要,就不要按. 它是运动控制器上的一个小按钮,但365现金买球也配置了另一个按钮.

407 (ESR, 30M)上的内部按钮是这样的:


429 (EHR, Hydra)上的内部按钮看起来像这样:




The external button on the ESR and EHR is on the right side and looks like this; earlier models have a green or red button:




What About Exhaust?

365现金买球建议激光时排气至少500 cfm或850 m3/h. 你会在Hydra 16A打印机的左下方发现一个6英寸或150毫米的圆形排气口.

大多数热塑性塑料在加热室中效果更好, 因此,你不会想要排气(或有一个非常轻微的负压,以减少烟气逸出),而打印一些材料(每一种材料都是不同的), 但你可能想要在打印完成后清空腔内的空气. 因此,一个可变设置的排气调节器可能是最好的解决方案.

How can I make Spindle Tool Gcode?


How should that Microprocessor be Set?

Your motion controller (green STM407 on ESR and 30M printers, or blue STM32 on Hydra and EHR printers) has two switches.

The BOOT CONFIG switch can be set to SYSTEM (通常是上或左-有时需要闪烁固件)或 FLASH (usually down or right). 对于正常操作,应该将其设置为FLASH.

The unlabeled power switch can be set to USB (通常是左边或下面-你不应该使用这个设置)或 5Vin. 正常操作时应设置为5Vin.

Note the RESET 按钮,这里显示在USB连接器和LED上方. 更换开关位置后需要重置. All current printers also have a RESET 按钮在机箱的外面或里面.


407 switches.jpg 429 switches.jpg